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Full Moon in Cancer Tarot Reading

Tarot reading on black background: Nine of Cups, The Sun, the World, Five of Cups

1) How have I grown since the new moon? Nine of Cups

2) What can I release in order to embrace what’s next? The Sun

3) What tools or qualities will I need to do this? The World

4) What will I learn, or become, as a result? Five of Cups

Since this month’s new moon in Sagittarius, the Nine of Cups energy has reigned. While this has been an exceptionally difficult year for many, the past two weeks may have brought a sense of appreciation for the unexpected blessings that did exist. Some of us experienced gratitude for the lessons this year brought, uncomfortable as they may have been. With a new year ahead, there has been a renewal of hope and dreams for the future.

In order to prepare for what is next, we are being called to release the energy of the Sun. While this card is often interpreted as brightness and positivity, it also represents clarity and revelation. Perhaps it is time to escape the blinding light of the sun and seek out the shadows and darkness. Issues that have been ignored or swept under the rug may need tending to before we can fully move on. This may be a time for recharging so that we can shine more brilliantly in the future.

The holistic spirit of the World will help to do this. This is a reminder that there is no light without the contrast of dark. The cyclical patterns of the natural world are found within ourselves. There is harmony and ease only when we allow these cycles to flow.

As a result, we will learn the lessons of the Five of Cups. Even in times of grief, the knowledge that it is only temporary, a part of a bigger story, can be comforting. We are being challenged with this reading to hold space for discomfort, for loss, for disappointment, for pain. Hold space, but know when to let it go and move on. Forgiveness and a change of perspective await in the new year.

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