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Full Moon in Gemini Tarot Reading

Tarot card reading on black background: Death, Seven of Cups, Seven of Wands, Six of Pentacles

1) How have I grown since the new moon? Death

2) What can I release in order to embrace what’s next? Seven of Cups

3) What tools or qualities will I need to do this? Seven of Wands

4) What will I learn, or become, as a result? Six of Pentacles

The two weeks leading up to this full moon in Gemini (which coincides with a lunar eclipse) have been rife with deep contemplation and realization of a need for change. Relationships, careers, thought patterns, and habits have been under scrutiny and the Death card reminds us that to clear the way for new beginnings, we must release the old. Learning to detach may have been a big theme in these realizations.

In order to complete this cycle and truly embrace what is next, we need to shake off the energy of the Seven of Wands. This is not a time for illusion, fantasy, or indecision. There is great need to see things as they are and to use that information to move in alignment with our highest selves.

To move out of this murky, doubtful place, we can embody the Seven of Wands energy of confidence that comes not from a place of cockiness, but integrity. When we act on what we know to be right, we can truly step into our power. This card, however, reminds us that we must protect our energy, time and resources if we are to persevere.

As a result, we can expect the abundance of the Six of Pentacles. This is a beautiful card of generosity, support, and mutual giving. The boundary-setting that Seven of Wands requires will allow us to show up for others and truly offer the best of ourselves. In return, we will feel a renewed sense of love and community and will open ourselves up to receive bountiful gifts. The changes that this potent lunar eclipse is setting up will require clear minds and firm boundary-setting, but have the potential to unleash beautiful, unexpected joy.

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