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Full Moon in Leo Tarot Reading

Tarot reading on black background: Five of Cups, Temperance, Wheel of Fortune, Mother of Swords

1) How have I grown since the new moon? Five of Cups

2) What can I release in order to embrace what’s next? Temperance

3) What tools or qualities will I need to do this? Wheel of Fortune

4) What will I learn, or become, as a result? Mother of Swords

Since the new moon, the first of the year, the Five of Cups has shown us how to hold space for discomfort, for loss, for disappointment, for pain. Uncomfortable issues, memories, or patterns that we may have wished to leave in 2020 have accompanied us into this new year, and will take some patience to fully process and disentangle from.

In order to move forward and embrace what’s next, Temperance offers the solution of balance. Yes, there is a time to grieve and sit in our pain. But we should also find time to celebrate, to plan for the future, and to seek out joy where we can. Rest and reflection will be important to find this balance and allow for the synthesis of these past experiences into something new and beautiful. Journaling, counseling sessions, and meditation may be particularly needed now.

To find this harmony, we can adapt the spirit of the Wheel of Fortune. Resistance to change and growth only makes the process more difficult. Finding ways to balance and ground ourselves in the midst of chaos is essential. If we can try to be open and adaptable to both the interior and exterior changes taking place, we will more easily find that inner peace and balance.

As a result, we can find healing and set new patterns with the Mother of Swords. We can gain better insight into who we are, what we want, and what’s next for us. We can set boundaries that allow us to flourish. We can finally find ways to heal and understand our past wounds. Remember, you are exactly where you need to be right now. Trust the universe; trust yourself.

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