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Full Moon in Taurus Tarot Reading

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

The Hermit tarot card, The Hierophant tarot card, Four of Pentacles Tarot Card, Father of Wands tarot card

1) How have I grown since the new moon? The Hermit

2) What can I release in order to embrace what’s next? The Hierophant

3) What tools or qualities will I need to do this? Father of Wands

4) What will I learn, or become, as a result? Four of Pentacles

The two weeks since the new moon have called for solitude and rest, as the Hermit reminds us. There has been an aching to retreat, rest, and turn within, but it hasn’t necessarily been easy to find time for those activities. Nevertheless, reflection has been occurring, even if on a subconscious level.

As we head into the full moon, we are asked to release the energy of the Hierophant. We may be experiencing resistance to or pressure from authority figures and we may be questioning where we fit in our professional or personal roles. For some of us, there has been realization that our most deeply held beliefs are no longer aligned with what we are doing or where we are.

This can seem like a daunting situation to be in, but the Father of Wands will provide guidance for how to move on. He is fearless and bold. His optimism and ability to manifest are what we need right now as we face an uncertain future. Some of us may be called to take more formal leadership, but for others this may just be a reminder that we are the leaders of our own life’s journey.

As a result of taking on this spirit, we can expect the energy of the Four of Pentacles. A sense of control and stability will return and it will be on our own terms. Boundaries that have been fuzzy or nonexistent will be firmed up. We may find that the rewards for leaving behind old established patterns and systems may be plentiful and unexpected. This is new territory we are entering and it will come with both challenges and gifts, it all depends on our perspective.

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