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Intuition and Rest

It's been awhile since I've publicly posted any of my tarot work, other than a simple daily pull on social media.

Back in May I was wrapping up an entire year of pandemic teaching and preparing to move out of the home I had lived in for a decade. I made the conscious decision to take a pause from my literary tarot work and my moon and astrological season spreads. I felt it would be a stressful few months and I was correct in that prediction.

In that time, much has taken place. I'm settled in my new home. The last divorce-related tasks are complete. I'm back teaching English in a physical classroom, full of some delightful but exhausted teenagers. I'm perhaps more tired than ever, but I have had time over the summer to be in nature, to walk, to engage more deeply in my yoga practice, to write.

With the divorce, the move, and the adjustment of surviving on a sole teacher's salary, my writing has focused on themes of home, labor, and worth. On my long walks, during my commute, my mind has been sparking with connections among these ideas and with the tarot. I've been scribbling notes and paying attention to the inspiration when it strikes and just leaving it at that.

As the cooler fall weather begins to set in, I'm feeling called to engage again in my tarot work, in this space. The period of rest was exactly what I needed, and I feel better prepared to engage.

For my few readers, thank you for your patience in this time. I hope to share more with you soon and perhaps encourage you to take the time to listen to your body, your mind, your soul, and to rest when you need to.

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