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New Moon in Aquarius Tarot Reading

Tarot reading on black background: The Devil, The Hanged Man, Mother of Swords, Son of Swords

1) How have I grown since the full moon? The Devil

2) What do I want to grow in the next moon cycle? The Hanged Man

3) What tools will I need to do this? Mother of Swords

4) What will I learn, or become, as a result? Son of Swords

Since last month’s full moon, there has been some grappling with the Devil energy. Some of us have dealt with addictive and unhelpful behaviors, obsessive thoughts, and avoidance of reality. Others may have spent this time engaging with the shadow self and really examining our fears and darker impulses. Either way, this energy is clearing with the new moon.

In this next moon cycle we can perhaps use what we’ve learned from this time with the Devil to become less fearful and more trusting in the unknown. New perspectives and possibilities lay before us, but we must surrender ourselves in order to embrace them. Giving up the negative thought patterns and finding ways to channel some of those more obsessive impulses can help usher in the spirit of the Hanged Man.

We can also call on the Mother of Swords to help us set boundaries, communicate directly, and embrace independence. This will feel like a breath of fresh air as we put the pieces in place to embark on new adventures without fear or doubt.

As a result, we can learn the lessons of the Son of Swords. Our future is ours to create. We can live life in alignment with our beliefs, but first we must get in touch with our higher purpose and develop the courage to pursue it. Staying flexible and open to change will be essential, as will creating the boundaries, routines, and habits that allow us to live in accordance with our wise, intuitive selves.

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