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New Moon in Capricorn Tarot Reading

Tarot reading on black background: Father of Wands, Six of Swords, Four of Cups, Son of Wands

1) How have I grown since the full moon? Father of Wands

2) What do I want to grow in the next moon cycle? Six of Swords

3) What tools will I need to do this? Four of Cups

4) What will I learn, or become, as a result? Son of Wands

Since the full moon, the last of 2020, a breath of fresh air has been welcomed in with the Father of Wands. A new sense of boldness and optimism may be felt and there is a feeling of control and fearlessness in what a new year and new perspective can offer.

In this next moon cycle, there is a strong desire to embrace the Six of Swords energy and to use this newfound energy to shed old skins. Baggage, guilt, and constriction have been overwhelming at times, and many of us are aching to be released. We want to rush toward the bright future without looking back.

However, the Four of Cups suggests that this might not be as quick or easy of a process as we’d like. The discontent and exasperation we are feeling with external situations may be a sign to slow down, turn our focus inward, and find gratitude for the present. Are we so eager to move on that we’ve overlooked the simple joys that currently exist? Finding inner serenity wherever we can is essential right now.

As a result, we can still harness the fiery energy of the Son of Wands and move toward our dreams; we’re just required to do so with a little more intention and thoughtfulness. If we search the dark corners of our present, we’ll find that adventure, passion, and joy are bountiful, but we need to do our part to kindle them.

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