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New Moon in Libra Tarot Reading

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Tarot card spread: Four of Wands, The World, The Star, Four of Swords, with candle and selenite crystal

1) How have I grown since the full moon? Four of Wands

2) What do I want to grow in the next moon cycle? The World

3) What tools will I need to do this? Four of Swords

4) What will I learn, or become, as a result? The Star

Since the emotionally charged full moon on October 1, there has been a renewed sense of equilibrium. Four of Wands suggests that finances might be more stable at this time, or you may just be feeling more supported by your community. Perhaps you’ve found guidance from a good friend or counselor, or have spent some time grounding yourself to survive the chaos of the outside world.

This sense of stability is providing some much needed foundation to grow the spirit of the World. A yearning for healing and wholeness is taking place. There may be financial or career goals you’re hoping to achieve, but this is more likely a spiritual fulfillment that is being sought. Reconnecting with loved ones (even remotely), pursuing passion projects, and tending to your relationship with yourself are all in order over this next moon cycle.

In order to do this, the Four of Swords energy is required. Rest and rejuvenation are needed on a personal and planetary level right now. Attend to the body, mind, and spirit in ways that feel right (yes, this may mean logging off social media, especially if you are in the United States) and that truly offer you peace. Take advantage of these last days of Libra season to explore anything sensual and soothing that can help with this.

As a result, hope, faith, and renewal are sure to come. The Star is a beautiful card, radiating healing and positive energy. With all the uncertainty in the world, this energy may need to come from within, so kindle that bright and hopeful spirit that it may help light the way for others.

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