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New Moon in Pisces Tarot Reading

Tarot reading on black background: Judgement, Ten of Pentacles, Six of Pentacles, The Star

1) How have I grown since the full moon? Judgement

2) What do I want to grow in the next moon cycle? Ten of Pentacles

3) What tools will I need to do this? Six of Pentacles

4) What will I learn, or become, as a result? The Star

The energy since February’s full Virgo moon has been intense and cleansing. Judgement suggests some awakenings, renewals, and rebirths have taken place. We have been called on to integrate what we have learned by making sense of our struggle and shaping it into a narrative of survival and resilience.

We are now ready to move on and embrace the tranquil energy of Ten of Pentacles. The desire for stability and success is strong and we are encouraged to build strong foundations that can offer this support. Relationships, family, and the home are all in focus right now and should lend to this feeling of comfort. This is a good time to remember that we are always at home within ourselves and should strive to make that home comfortable.

In order to do this, we can look to the Six of Pentacles. Give generously where and as you can. Show gratitude to those who have offered you support. Seek out those who share your deepest-held beliefs. Practice self-care and self-love. The Six of Pentacles is also a good reminder to not waste your time on people, situations, or patterns that offer you nothing in return. This new moon is an excellent opportunity to discern what is truly going to support you in the journey forward.

As a result, we can learn the lessons of The Star. After this intense period of renewal, there is, at last, hope. This is an excellent time to begin new or deepen existing healing practices. Take the time to nurture your soul and find your spiritual footing. The blissful, bright energy of the Star will guide us as we shed our fear and move on.

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