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Pisces Season Tarot Reading

Black background with tarot cards: The Tower, Nine of Pentacles, Eight of Pentacles, The Hierophant, The World, Ace of Cups

1) What have I learned from this past season? The Tower

2) What do I expect from this new season? Nine of Pentacles

3) What does this season expect of me? Eight of Pentacles

4) What aspects of myself should I keep to meet these expectations? The Hierophant

5) What aspects of myself should I release to meet these expectations? The World

6) What will I learn, or become, as a result? Ace of Cups

Aquarius season ushered in many changes and unexpected events. There may have been delays and sudden changes to plans. Many of us also experienced some profound moments of insight and clarity. As this season ends, there may be a sense that situations or perspectives have changed for good; we’ve crossed a threshold and can’t go back to the former way of living or thinking.

Pisces season appears as a glittering hope for success, abundance, and independence, as indicated by the Nine of Pentacles. Situations are indeed changing and it seems like there are brighter days ahead. We can take the opportunity of this romantic season to indulge in pleasure, but the Eight of Pentacles reminds us that we must also work. Patience, skill-building, and commitment to growth are all necessary at this time. Finding balance between completing tasks and making time for small luxuries (a bath, a good book, a thoughtfully prepared meal) will be key.

In order to meet the expectations of this season, we can embody the Hierophant. The sudden changes of Aquarius season may have left us feeling unsure of where we stand and what we know, so this is a time to ask questions both of society and ourselves. What kind of stories are we telling on a collective and individual level? What needs to be rewritten? To meet these expectations we can also release the expectations of the World. We may not feel in complete harmony with those in power. We may not feel a sense of success or finality. We can focus on our own internal sense of wholeness for now.

As a result, we can manifest the spirit of the Ace of Cups. Inspiration will be abundant, new creative endeavors will flourish, and great spiritual and emotional growth can flourish. Pisces season will lead us off on this new journey, one which will bring spiritual and emotional satisfaction if we are willing to approach it thoughtfully and carefully. Uncertainty may currently reign, but there is beautiful potential ahead.

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