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Sagittarius Season Tarot Reading

Tarot card reading on black background: Nine of Swords, Son of Wands, The Tower, Ten of Cups, The High Priestess, Judgement

1) What have I learned from this past season? Nine of Swords

2) What do I expect from this new season? Son of Wands

3) What does this season expect of me? The Tower

4) What aspects of myself should I keep to meet these expectations? Ten of Cups

5) What aspects of myself should I release to meet these expectations? The High Priestess

4) What will I learn, or become, as a result? Judgement

Scorpio season was a time to delve into the murky subconscious and face deep-seated fears. Nine of Swords suggests that this may have been a painful time, but it has served its purpose of reminding us that knowing and understanding our fears is what ultimately leads us to freedom.

As Sagittarius season begins, we can take what we have learned from those difficult times and move forward with the Son of Wands energy. The fiery and adventurous passion of this card fits perfectly with Sagittarius season. Motivation will be renewed and we will feel energized. With two eclipses during this season, that energy might become intense at times. This season will expect us to embrace the Tower. There may be big changes, upheaval, and chaos ahead. With the deep inner work done during Scorpio season, some of us may have experienced a true awakening and are ready for foundational shifts in our lives.

To keep up with these intense changes, we can look to the Ten of Cups, a beautiful card of fulfillment, bliss and alignment. By exuding as much love and grace as we can bear into the world, we can expect that love and grace to come back to us. We may need to release some of the quieter tendencies of the High Priestess during this time by stepping out and speaking out. So much of Scorpio season was spent in touch with intuition; it’s now time to act on those lessons.

As a result, we can expect the spirit of Judgement. Rebirth and renewal are available if we are willing to shed our fears and truly respond to our inner calling. Some of us may feel compelled to share our story with others and will find healing along the way. Changes are inevitable this Sagittarius season, but we may find beautiful results if we can embody love, trust, and joy.

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