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Scorpio Season Tarot Reading

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Tarot cars spread: Justice, Mother of Swords, The Hanged Man, Four of Wands, Two of Wands, Ace of Cups

1) What have I learned from this past season? Justice

2) What do I expect from this new season? Mother of Swords

3) What does this season expect of me? The Hanged Man

4) What aspects of myself should I keep to meet these expectations? Four of Wands

5) What aspects of myself should I release to meet these expectations? Two of Wands

6) What will I learn, or become, as a result? Ace of Cups

The lesson of Libra season was, fittingly, Justice. Truths were revealed, important decisions were made, and balance was restored. There may be a feeling of finality with these decisions, as if things are on course as they should be, even if it’s an intimidating path. As Scorpio season begins, we can expect many of these themes to continue. We are seeking independence, fairness, and boundaries. Again, it may be scary, but being able to look at the truth of our current situation with clear and honest perception is vital right now.

Scorpio season will also come with its challenges. It’s asking us to embrace the spirit of the Hanged Man. Risk, reframing, and surrender may be necessary. There is strong potential for transformation, but it requires us to release control and to be comfortable in those in between places, in liminality. In fact, Scorpio season is asking us to release the Two of Wands energy that we embraced during Libra season. This is not the time to make bold moves or make hasty decisions. Living in the mysterious, mutable world of Scorpio is what is needed right now.

To cope with any feelings of being stuck or frightened, we can draw on the Four of Wands energy. Finding pleasure and community with others is important. But to really embrace the liminal and uncertain energy of the Hanged Man, we should find ways to connect with ourselves and show as much self love and compassion as we can on this journey.

As a result, we can expect the warm and luminous energy of the Ace of Cups. Love, spiritual growth, and inspiration will be abundant, as long as we take care of our most important relationship first. As we find ways to tend to and nurture ourselves, we will be better able to engage with our own emotions and face the uncertainties of the world outside.

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